I Am Other, Too

I know you, my fears,
We have been acquaintances,
Partners, for so long,
Grown up together.


The longing for other than is –
Give me my ideal self or strike me from this planet,
So strike me.
A point of nowhere,
A place never achieved, nor achievable,
A place other than what is, what I am,
So I tell myself, I am not.


Of not knowing love –
What is this thing that others feel,
And I cannot.
Foolish people,
Don’t they know we must live by rock and stone,
And smash the two together,
To make this world?


And tired exhaustion –
Oh why will this dreary show not finish?
Give me black extinction,
Give me the end.


And now my friends,
Now, it takes a firm commitment,
Strong constitution,
A stiff upper lip.
But now I welcome you,
And see that you are me,
And I am you.
But I add this caveat,
That I am other, too.

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