And so I was,
Shipwrecked on your shore,
Laid flat, bedraggled, supine,
Waterlogged, worn down,
All but breathing my last,
This sodden body exhausted.


And on your sands,
I came to rest,
And recover,
Warmed by the simple morning sun,
Reflected in each grain of sand,
As a breeze, so warm,
So calm, so gentle,
Began to play,
Across my sleeping form.


And here I stayed,
Through three long winters,
Through three long springs,
Sweet summers, loving Autumns,
And I learnt again,
To walk, to breathe,
To hold another’s hand,
And with your help,
I found my way,
Back to that which had been hidden,
All but lost,
But found.


But now, oh now,
With new found strength,
I realise time has turned,
And I’ve built a raft,
Of bamboo trunks,
Nothing fancy,
And roughly hued,
And I know,
How tough these seas can be,
But a raft nonetheless,
That calls me forth,
To seek my fortune,
In my self.


So with bitter taste,
In a mouth,
Accustomed to such sweetness,
From your lips,
I take my leave,
‘Bring me too’, you say,
And I stop, and falter,
For you, my sweet companion,
I may never find again,
And the parting from that,
I find almost too much to bear.


Always seeking to judge or be judged,
Never at peace,
With what is.

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