The Deep Dark Pool of the Universe

Soul and ego have been fighting. Soul once again finds itself lost, with ego having the upper hand. Instead of fighting, soul surrenders; deeply, fully, soul surrenders to ego. ‘You have won, do what thou wilt, we will live the life of ego, staying small, taking care, remaining safe, a life of fear.

Ego is happy. “I can believe the danger, search them out, make them real, grow them, build walls, walk my familiar, walled in paths, stay hidden, armed, vigilant.” And ego envisages a world without soul…but finds it empty, boring, small…“I only want to do your bidding”, ego tells soul, “but I am afraid, deeply afraid, I’m scared of everything, so I plan, I arm, and armor myself. But I am the ship, not the captain. I don’t know what to do. Help me.”

Soul, who has surrendered completely, hears ego and agrees to take him on a journey. Their journey takes them down, down, through tunnels in the ground, deep down to the centre of the earth. Here they enter a vast cavern in which there is a deep dark pool stretching endlessly in all directions.

Soul leads ego to the side of the pool. “ Look into this deep dark pool of the universe, and tell me what you see”, says soul. “I see me”, says ego. “You see you”, says soul.

Soul and ego emerge together, back from the tunnels they went through, and out into the light. Ego and soul hear the birds calling, know they themselves are the birds, know they themselves are the call of the birds. Ego and soul feel the kiss of the sun on their faces, know they are the kiss, know they are the sun. Ego and soul walk together, supported by the earth turning beneath their feet, know they are the movement, know they are the earth. Peace.

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