In My Own Words

I see fear, hatred, oppression,
I see blindness caused by living a lie,
I see ignorance and propaganda,
I see extremism, fascism, fanaticism,
I see bullying and murder,
I see heartlessness and paranoia.
I see Israel.


I see a people made refugees in their own land,
By the caprices of international politics,
I see a people occupied by snakes,
Dogs and murderers,
For sixty-five years,
I see a people ignored and dumped upon internationally.
I see a people who fight for their freedom,
Literally with their lives,
I see a people proud,
Even after decades of foreign aid and foreign influence,
I see a people capable of responding,
Even now, with spirit, heart and rockets,
To Israel’s latest onslaught,
Against Gaza.
I see Palestine.

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