And So I Find Myself

And so I find myself,
Wrapped around,
Early morning thoughts of you,
Asleep, beside me,
Your peaceful face,
A slight stir,
Showing some distant travel, within,
A journey through to constellations,
Of inner consciousness.
I ease myself, gently, closer,
And smell your hair,
Your musky scent,
-Yesterday, a smoke filled room? –
Your slender arm,
Tapers down to your wrist,
Abandoned hand.
Your naked shoulder,
And pale neck,
Form a silent curve,
The resting wing,
Of a sleeping angel –
My cock stirs.
I move my body,
To cup your back,
My groin, revelling in the pressure,
Hardening cock,
Rising now between the valley of your ass.
I say you name,
You stir,
Moving between inner and outer consciousness,
And press against me
Grinding tight,
Your ass against my groin.
I say your name again,
And reach around,
Now to cup your breasts,
And feel their taught weight in my hands,
You moan in appreciation,
And push harder now against me.
I sit back,
And the sheets lift and fall,
Fully naked, eyes still shut, exposed,
You roll onto you belly,
And grind your cunt into the bed,
And slide an arm down,
Your fingers finding your clitoris,
And begin to grind and grind,
Some more.
I watch,
As your perfect buttocks,
Describe tight rotations in the air.
I resist no longer,
My tongue following a pathway,
Down the country of your back,
Towards the hills of your buttocks,
And finding the deep wells,
First, of your ass,
The forbidden musk,
With time to explore,
And then on,
To your sweet wet cunt,
Taking time,
To lick your lips,
Before gently, so gently,
Circling, circling.
Raising up,
I pull your ass,
Into the air,
And slide,
First one,
And then a second,
Between your lower belly,
And the bed,
Your body,
Now arched, exposed, vulnerable,
Your eyes,
Still shut.
I come close again,
And move my tongue,
Again gently, ever so gently,
Around and around,
Your rose bud clitoris,
I explore you fully now,
Fingers, tongue, nose,
Finding their way,
Inside you,
You are groaning now,
Low, deep, sounds,
Messengers from the world inside.
Running my tongue,
Down the side of your thighs,
And down to your feet, your toes,
I stop, and breathe deeply,
Positioning my self,
I kneel behind you,
And enter in my full length,
Your wet, hot, welcoming cunt.
We both gasp.
The union.
Tight up against you,
Lost in the bliss,
As our two worlds,
Though holding tight to this moment,
My body answers the call to move – I have to move – inside you,
As you, full, in turn,
Answer back,
And start to move,
Rotating, swivelling, gripping,
Swirling, around me…
This world without beginning,
This time without end.
From the depth of your orgasm,
Your startled animal eyes,
Burst open,
Lock with mine,
And I feel myself explode,
Coming and coming,
Deep, deep, inside you,
Forever here, forever now.
I let out a breath,
And find myself,
On our bed,
I stroke your hair,
And we kiss,
For the first time.

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