I Imagine

I imagine,
Slowly, slowly,
Running the tip of my tongue,
Across your naked shoulders,
Tasting your sweet, salty body,
Your moistened skin releasing a fine scent,
I pause, to breathe in.


And continue.
Licking, first gently,
Up your delicate, alabaster neck,
Glancing to your face,
Your eyes are closed,
Your breathing, shallow and fast,
Your lips, moist and parted.
We have yet to kiss.


But my tongue leads to your lips,
Which I encircle.
Your eyes open in surprise,
And I greet you,
Diving into those sweet, deep pools,
As you lose yourself,
In my own dark wells.
And the look is recognition.


We kiss.
First, gently.
Oh, such a sweet, sweet taste,
Immediately wanting more,
And more we have,
As tongues find each other,
Ancient loves found,
Entwined, locked tight now,
Drinking in the very being of you.
Two tightly sealed hemispheres.


I run my hand through your hair,
Delighting in its fine feel,
That close protection that I feel,
Your head on my chest,
Held close, safe,
Intermingling with my imagination,
Of gripping a handful,
Holding you in place,
And taking you –
But not yet.


First there is the shedding of your clothes,
Your blouse, your skirt, your pants,
Buttons un-popping one after another,
Kicked aside now, forgotton,
Your scent arising,
And your open, vulnerable,
Breasts, buttocks, cunt,
To be admired,
To be adored,
As my kisses drift down,
To nature’s source,
And gently succour on life itself,
But wait, your panties still have to go,
And taking them in two strong hands,
They rip.


You quiver.
Showing you truly now.
The naked you.
The naked us.
The beginning.


And this,
And more,
Has come to pass,
My love.

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