One Hundred-and-One Uses for a Crucifix

One. Pylon
Two. Table lamp
Three. Plough
Four. Truck chassis
Five. Snow-shoes
Six. Wine bottle stopper
Seven. Bicycle spokes
Eight. Crutches
Nine. Fishing rod holder
Ten. Dildo
Eleven. Sword
Twelve. Mannequin for hats
Thirteen. Umbrella stem
Fourteen. Scarecrow
Fifteen. Pen
Sixteen. Male sex doll
Seventeen. Clothes line prop
Eighteen. Water skis
Nineteen. Pub-crawl partner
Twenty. Fencing post
Twenty-one. Plant marker
Twenty-two. Table legs
Twenty-three. Grand piano legs
Twenty-four. Guitar body
Twenty-five. Toilet flush handle (use upside down hanging from the chain)
Twenty-six. Door handle
Twenty-seven. Butt plug
Twenty-eight. Dog-fetch stick
Twenty-nine. Wind-chime hanger
Thirty. Food stirrer
Thirty-one. Back-scratcher
Thirty-two. Boat anchor
Thirty-three. Compass pointer
Thirty-four. Boomerang
Thirty-five. Puppet stick
Thirty-seven. Space rocket
Thirty-eight. Airplane
Thirty-nine. Clothes hanger
 Forty. Firewood
One hundred-and-one. Subject of a poem.

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