The Dark Side

A friend once told me…


The light that burns so bright,
That will blind those that are around you,
Who cannot see the way you see,
That cannot understand you.


The fires that burn inside you,
The fires that can kill,
The fires that will kill,
And have killed.


The anger that burns,
That has no control,
That cannot be controlled,
That must never be let out.


The fuck in you,
That cannot be trusted,
That can fuck anyone,
Because you will fuck again.


The hatred for life,
The need to devour and fuck and destroy,
The pain to feel,
And the pain to inflict,
To hurt, to maim,
To destroy.


The hatred of love,
The hatred of all that lives and breathes,
The need to break up,
To destroy, to devastate.


The sin that permeates you,
Makes you disappear,
Makes you swallow, choke, gasp,
Makes you drown and die of fear,
Shame and hatred.


The desire to destroy life,
The power, the depth of this hatred,
Mother Mary wants to kill you,
Because you want to fuck her.
Close your heart,
Hide away,
Run, and be found out,
Locked up,
A stake driven through your heart,
Punished for your sins.


The need to temper,
And control this,
For if it is let out, unleashed,
There will be no control.
There will be no control.


And the same friend told me…


A screaming black cat,
Enclosed in the cupboard of your mind,
Scratching, screeching, scaring,
Tearing at your brain,
Once released calms quickly,
Finds the milk that it needs,
Begins to purr,
So softly,
So sweetly,
For all to enjoy,
And the fantasies of the mind,
May be fueled by lifetimes,
But a snake will shed its skin,
When the time is ripe,
And shadows,
Seen for what they are,
Heeded, or not heeded,
Are there to be learnt from,
Set free. Released.

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